Repair Method of Washer Motor

the washer motor does not rotate with a buzz. You are supposed to checking capacitors and motors .


Troubleshooting of two-speed motor speed regulation

1. No washing or dehydration

First, the washer motor does not rotate with a buzz. You are supposed to checking capacitors and motors .

Second, the washer motor does not rotate without noise. Maintenance can be performed in the following order: check the washer motor for an open circuit; check that the switches and controller contacts in the motor circuit are not connected. Check if the speed board terminals are loose or dirty. Check whether the limiter is blown. The current limiter is a narrower copper foil circuit. After blowing air, determine why the restrictor is blown, and then use the wires to communicate. Check the key components on the speed control board, such as the triac, whether the speed control resistor is open, etc.

2. Obvious decrease in speed

The common reasons for the obvious decrease in speed are that the capacitor capacity of the motor becomes smaller, a short circuit fault occurs in the motor winding, and a mechanical failure occurs in the washing machine. For the speed control circuit, check whether there is a bad contact on the speed setting circuit, and focus on checking the connector. If necessary, replace the speed control board.

Troubleshooting for speed regulation of series motor

1.No dehydration (can be washed)

Select dehydration but cannot be. While keeping the rotation speed knob in the dehydration position, use a multimeter to measure the two ends of the governor. If it is open circuit, replace the governor; if normal, check the speed setting circuit and connectors, programmer contacts and switches on motor circuits respectively.

2.After low-speed dehydration, the operation stops and high-speed dehydration cannot be performed. This fault will only occur during the final rinse process. There are two reasons for the failure: First, the movable contact 3 in the governor is separated from the carbon film extension or has poor contact, which causes the speed setting circuit to malfunction. In this case, the governor should be replaced. Another reason is that the controller contacts of the speed control boards C36 and C34 are not connected. The programmer should be replaced.

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