Many other people offered me things like iron 2hs.

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Up to you on in the event that you want to have ~5m spent on a"fun" weapon or in the event that you would have better uses for it. I attempt to be nice so the people who only come to RS gold ask one questions decide to stay. I remember when I joined Yoyoma explained the exact same thing. Made me deel quite nice. And ty. I want to be rated one day as I am never going to leave Sals. It is always fun killing cows together with it. I state goblins are better. And possibly trying Pking. But if you die... don't say anything to me.

Where should I train from F2P? Scaper gave me a great record for coaching but I dropped it. For now, I received my str to 8 cows. Trained my def into 11 with mage defence casting and att to 20 with the quest vampyre slaye. It went pretty quickly. I also obtained my range to 7 with a sling and a little bit of training arrows... at cows.

For mage, I utilized both the xp lamps, and then completed imp catcher for 13 mage. I camped at the lesser to around 33 mage together with my set of ahrims. :P (black robes look just like ahrims). Now, I want to receive 40/40/40 in melee and 50 mage/range. Would you guys mind telling me where to train. With those stats, I will do D-Slayer. What prayer level if I have with these stats? I'd be glad if you can make them such as 1-20...

PLease don't place something like 1-50 for variety minotaurs as somebody on youtube did that (It was a manual to 99 range. :/) I want these places to be a location which I can level fast with. What armor should I wear? Keep in mind this is F2P. My current bank is around 150K thanks to a man or woman who gave me 200K and 56K worth of raw/cooked meals (all types but mainly or all raw food) when I stated"buying raw food". I had been up in the lumbridge castle with my new account trimming the log spawns. That got me to 20 FMing.

Many other people offered me things like iron 2hs. (people cleaning out banks and giving me random shizzle) and other stuff. This man in Varrock large bank gave me 13 bronze arrows with 8 oak logs and OSRS Gold For Sale a few other random stuff. I burnt the logs and I made to 21 FMin. When you men were noobs, did people ever help you out? Just like by committing cash or showing you around or getting a lifelong friend?


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