I use to get mad as a teenager but its all about money about this shit

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Nah the match is plus Im addicted to mut so I dont buy it every year. I bought the game a few months before quarantine and started playing mut a week or 2 earlier, so the timing was pretty good. Its gon t affect my social life 15, if I buy the game next year. Not purchasing as of now, if I do it will be a franchise/ non competitive. The trailer gave no sign to me that Mut 21 coins it is gonna be even much better. Half the trailer was reused animations. With another year of mut and I can't play like this one. 18 and I performed and skipped 19 because for same reason. Does anybody know if you can import rosters just like you can in NCAA? Add from the UL cards and I would like to perform a franchise.

Gon na hey although get downvoted. I'm going with the mvp edition. I truly want to get the thoughts start. Pretty much everyone in this sub gets loyalty reward for 10 percent off so I'm only spending 90 bucks. Since if Lamar is auctioanble easy 150k at the beginning plus the team that is gold packs in my opinion it's well worth it. Also a simple way for to see the animations that are brand new. It will be cool to get the head begin considering when I'll start school 21, I don't know. Unless the freebies look less than desired I will buy at least $50 no more than $100 at mut points to start my 38, yes I will buy it I will buy the most expensive version and we'll see where it goes from there

Typically I buy the very best version and a number of packs day one(mainly for the first coin boost) then put low play a few draft get accustomed to the new mechanisms and construct my own coins throughout October and move all in at thanksgiving spend a lot of cash (by ton I mean like $500 or less) from thanksgiving through super bowl then lay low and try to live from everything I've constructed for the most part unless something I really want immediately or something LTD goes into packs and ride out the season.

I use to get mad as a teenager but its all about money about this shit. Market players that are Larger get small and overrated market players get underrated. I remember the Cowboys were trash and they were still a 86 overall team in Madden lmao. The cowboys and eagles are rated greater than everyone but the buy mut coins madden 21 49ers, saints, bucs, and ravens. However, the reality is, every single, individual status in the sport demands skill sets and its programming.


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