What Does A Pest Inspection Include?

When you think your house has infested by pests, or you don’t want to take a risk of pest infestation at house then you should hire professional pest control company to inspect your property.

When you think your house has infested by pests, or you don’t want to take a risk of pest infestation at house then you should hire professional pest control company to inspect your property. Before providing quality pest control service they will do pest inspection. During a pest inspection by the professional exterminators they do the following things:  -

Recognizing termite activity

Termite are the silent killers. Most people have no idea that their house has infested by the termites and they only know when the see the mud tubes in and around their house. Well, mud tube is the obvious sign of termite infestation, but the exterminators look for other signs as well like cracked pain or plaster, sagging floors or doors, etc. So, only they can tell you whether you have termite at house or not. And when they inspect your property then they will look for termite infestation signs also.

Inspect each and every nook of the house

When the professional pest control service provider will reach your home, they will inspect the entire house inside and outside like timbers underneath your house and under the roof, gardens, fences, trees, timber structure, etc.

Early signs of pest infestation

You know how bad pests are for your property, especially termites because they can potentially damage the structure of your property. So, the professionals will look for the early signs of the pest infestations. But remember that the team will only see everything because this is only a visual inspection. They will see at the point of time so everything that are hidden will not be picked up.

May reveal damages

If the pests like termites, rodents and carpenter ants have damaged your property then the exterminators will find out this during the inspection. It’s not possible for you to check your attic and basement every time thus, you miss out on severe damage issues done by pests. But, exterminators during the pest inspection may reveal such damages caused by pests.

Makes a report

Pest control company that do pest inspection then makes a report of what they have observe during the inspection. They make different columns to let you know the type of pests they have found and also the area where they have located the. The report will be handover to you by the exterminators in which you will see which type of pests have infested your home and how severe the problem is.

Design pest control treatment

After giving you the inspection report they will discuss about the pest control treatment they have designed as per your requirements. You can ask anything from them to know more about the treatment will be used to kill pests. How long it will take to get rid of the pests entirely from your place? Is the treatment safe for humans and pets? What if anyone can exposed to the chemicals? Etc.

Charges of pest control service

Lastly, they will discuss about their fees or pest control charges. You can check what type of pest control treatment they are using, whether it will be effective or not and of course, you can ask them to reduce the amount if possible.

These are the things included in pest inspection service offered by professional pest control services. You can call them to get rid of the nasty pests that have infested your house.

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