NBA 2K20 Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant After His Tragic Death

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After the departure of NBA legend Kobe Bryant on January 26, the NBA 2K20 team and fans of the sport franchise have begun a series of in-game tributes to memorialize the famed Lakers participant, who has been an important part of the video game franchise. Developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports upgraded NBA 2K20 MT to acknowledge the untimely death of Bryant with a fresh splash screen across all platforms, commemorating the life span of one of basketball's biggest shooting guards.

The official NBA 2K20 Twitter accounts paid tribute to Bryant with a message of its own, saying his"many contributions on and off the court" will be greatly missed. Some developers on the NBA 2K series also shared condolences with many sharing romantic behind-the-scenes shots and touching anecdotes about their time meeting and working together with the Lakers legend, across Twitter.

Game makers aren't the only people thinking about the loss and observing the life of Bryant, whose nickname throughout his career was"The Black Mamba." The NBA 2K20 community is coming together to recall Bryant. Elsewhere in the game, while some are stalling games to take a moment of silence players are trying to recreate Bryant in-game utilizing the create-a-player attribute.

When the helicopter both were aboard jumped in Calabasas, California Sunday morning, killing seven people in the 37,, bryant was on his way into a basketball game with his daughter Gianna. Bryant, who was expected to coach a match his daughter was said to be playing in buy mt coins, was 41 years old. A cause for the crash has not yet been determined and reports indicate it might take days before any information is divulged. Kobe Bryant has appeared in each NBA 2K game because its inception, continue appearing on the franchise's cover athlete for NBA 2K17's Legend and Legend Gold Editions.


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