Yeah it certainly has to do with fundamentally different body rigging on the new outfits

Yeah it certainly has to do with fundamentally different body rigging on the new outfits

Yeah it certainly has to do with fundamentally different body rigging on the new outfits, and not enough resources (money and time ) to update rigs on present outfits. Contemplating everything Sega is doing in the graphics overhaul, there's no way this restriction would be in place if it was an easy fix. And there a quite a lot of outfits, especially on JP side. I really hope they just slowly update clothes over time especially the exclusive ones out of PSO2 Meseta the product codes and collabs. I would not mind if they make them in a separate NGS scratch when it is going to induce them to do this. This is really wonderful. I really do hope though that they slowly update the aged PSO2 Outfits and Layered wears to allow finger motion down the road. I can understand them do it immediately given all of the NEW NGS things they would wish to market, but I'm hoping I do not need to double down on state,"Classic" Exagia Arms and"NGS" Exagia Arms, or things such as"Classic" Duskwake Regalia set and an"NGS" Duskwake Regalia set just to have moving fingers.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for sell them as Scratch things and call them the"GVS" models or something. Yeah, I totally expect them to go this course. I have worked in the market in the past and rigging up fingers isn't hard work, the issue is how many costume items would have to be modified with no financial justification. Plus giving folks completely working items with the benefits (on what is essentially a new sport ) could deincentivise players buying the"new" stuff. Yeah. However, with recolors and sell them as new rather than giving us the capability to recolor them freely. And the ones that you could recolor costs exchanging scratch items for a color overhaul.

Personal speculation: PSO2 has been ported into the NGS motor to keep players occupied involving NGS content releases. No new content will probably be released for it outside of makeup, of which will be obtained/ported out of NGS events/scratches to get folks to play that. It is going to be removed after a couple of years after all of the players have migrated over and the only individuals in the PSO2 blocks are diehards holdouts/nostalgia. Probably. It's a brand new game so odds are like some other Online RPG the first release won't have much about buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta an endgame for those players who hit maximum level on day 1. It will be wonderful to just switch cubes anytime I want struck up an old UQ though. There's never a reason to not visit magatsu.


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