Tips For Buying A Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

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As the name suggests, PET Blowing Machine are machines for producing plastic bottles. Don't underestimate it. You know that our life today is inseparable from plastic containers. The vast market gives the blower an excellent prospect. In fact, not only factories that specialize in producing bottles, but also many companies that manufacture other products also need to purchase blow molding machines to make packaging.

Actually, this is very simple, the thrust plate of the cylinder will have a violent collision, it is mainly due to the collision between two phases of the thrust plate, and the shock depends on the two thrust boards, the raw materials of the Two plates using plastic nylon is ok, at least reduce two thirds of the crash.

This is more professional, there are mainly two points, one, currently, the cylinder-driven machines on the market are relatively small, the 2-cavity pet blower is near the square. The distance of the oven is quite short, the contact of the longest preformed tube is approximately 1 meter, so the preform of the bottle must be baked well in a certain time it must be so it will adjust the temperature of the tube and finally the temperature of the Bottle preform is uneven The blowing time is short, the easy to produce waste only lengthens the blowing time to guarantee the rejection rate, the yield is low.

In other words, the speed of revolution of the billet slows down. Only when the speed decreases, can the billet be heated evenly. In this way, there is no need to extend the blowing time.

A far infrared coated lamp tube is used. The coated lamp tube has a concentrated light source and strong penetration power, which not only causes the bottle perform to heat evenly, but also allows rapid penetration.

Suitable for yourself: the best for you. Different from the view that the strength of most people's cooperation companies is stronger, I think that we have to talk about one degree, and it is too late. Instead of finding an ideal strong manufacturer, it is better to choose a partner that suits you and can work better with us. First of all, our workshop layout is different from others.

In fact, it can be said that there are 10,000 kinds of layouts in 10,000 workshops. Many types of blow molding machines are probably not suitable for our company, especially in terms of volume. . In this case, it is necessary to find a manufacturer to make purchases according to their actual situation. Otherwise, there is no place to buy them. On the other hand, we are all in order to purchase equipment, not the quality of the strong manufacturers must be very high, we have to consider a lot of factors such as the distance between the other party and our factory, the freight of the equipment and so on. Therefore, the good question of the blower manufacturer has a standard answer that is universally applicable - the best for you!

Master Packing Co.,Ltd. is devoted to providing high quality PET Bottle Blowing Machine . Moreover, we Master packing are committed ourselves to recommend you the best suitable machine based on your own situations. So if you want to buy a machine but do not know which machine is the right one to buy, just tell us. We customer service center will provide you the most professional service for you. If interested, kindly welcome to visit

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