Introduction Of Advantages Of Quick Freezing Equipment

Quick Freezing Equipment is becoming more and more popular, so what are its advantages?  First of all, we need to know what is quick freezing. 

Quick Freezing Equipment is becoming more and more popular, so what are its advantages?  First of all, we need to know what is quick freezing.  There are three ways of freezing aquatic products: freon, liquid ammonia and liquid nitrogen
First, popularize the concept of quick freezing.
Quick freezing means that the external environment temperature is controlled at-30-18℃ and the central temperature of the food is reduced to below-18-15℃ in about 20 min. The water in the quick frozen food forms numerous needle-shaped small ice crystals, the distribution of which is similar to that of liquid water in the raw materials, and the damage to cell tissue structure is very small.  When food is unfrozen, the water melted by ice crystals can be quickly absorbed by cells again without loss of juice, so as to retain the original natural quality of food to the greatest extent.
Among them, the quick freezing of aquatic products can generally use three substances as refrigerants: freon, liquid ammonia and liquid nitrogen.  At present, the first two types are most used in processing plants, which can be called traditional quick freezing machines.  The quick freezing machine with liquid nitrogen as refrigerant is called liquid nitrogen quick freezing, which is a new technology applied to aquatic product processing in recent years. Liquid nitrogen quick freezing includes tunnel quick freezing equipment, cabinet quick freezing equipment, tunnel quick freezing equipment, etc.
Liquid nitrogen is a product obtained by liquefying nitrogen in air by using an air separation device. It is colorless and tasteless, and can realize cryogenic freezing at low temperature, which is beneficial to realize partial vitrification of frozen food, thus greatly improving the quality of frozen food.  Liquid nitrogen quick freezing was only used in the medical field in the early days, but there was no great development in the food field due to its high price and the development of freezing equipment.  In recent years, the development of air separation technology and people's higher requirements for food quality have made liquid nitrogen quick freezing develop vigorously in the food field.
IQF Freezing has a fast freezing speed. The traditional quick freezing equipment takes about 40 minutes, but the quick freezing equipment only takes 20 minutes.  During April-June, when crayfish processing is the busiest, many factories need to work overtime. At this time, the advantages of quick-freezing equipment are obvious.  Tunnel quick-freezing equipment can also be equipped with automatic production lines to form a production line operation mode, saving labor and improving labor efficiency.

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