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Range weapon maybe to RuneScape

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Would you give me an actual time to how long each pursuit will require. When I typed a query twice, please ignore it as I typed this within the course of about a week. If a question is stupid/can be answered w/ google/wiki then simply put X then query. You are able to answer with like 1 phrase. I simply want answers. Oh and it will keep me optimistic that following 11 weeks of f2p, includes 1 month p2p. Otherwise, f2p is so boring that it makes you want to perish.

Really depends on in the event that you use a manual or not and if you screw up - I always end up forgetting 1 item and quests wind up taking me a bajillion hours. Dragon defenders are somewhat simple to acquire:-RRB- 15 minutes if you are lucky. 15 minutes if you currently have tokens and are insanely lucky maybe. I'd say you're more likely looking at roughly a couple hours, probably longer.

Priest in Peril, Lost Tribe, ANimal Magnetism, Wolf Whistle are all super short and should not take over an hour or so each. Ghost's ahoy and Fremmenik Trials are somewhat longer but neither of them are very lengthy. Training and Slaying gear ought to be essentially the same and depends slightly on which you're fighting. It is likely that though you will still just be cannon fodder for those 138s should they decide to play. I am 115 combat and the best I can do is potentially slow the hardcore players down for a few seconds.

Soul wars, does not matter in any way. Range weapon maybe to maintain activity up but if you are on the crowded worlds it does not matter what you do so long as you strike something once every few minutes. It is going to be the barragers, chinners and 138s using 99 slay that will rule the day. I personally would just discount soul wars all together. Barrows, read a manual. Find out your method and adjust your equipment based on what it recommends.

If you can find a Tokkul-Zo, do this instead of an archer's ringin regards from the elder kiln pursuit and contains +4 in most battle stats anyhow prayer and strength, making it simpler than the archer's ring. An amulet of which range is probably a better thing to buy than the usual fury: it's a greater ranged attack bonus although it defends you marginally less well and has no prayer bonus.

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