PK'ing as a primary Isn't difficult
PK'ing as a primary Isn't difficult Feb 05

PK'ing as a primary Isn't difficult

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Next, monkey creating - to be truthful, a great deal of how most of Sal's members made their money is obsolete, or, necessitating high stats. A couple of things that I am pretty sure are still relatively solid - first, your pottery item should make around 50K a hour, which is fantastic for your levels (fun suggestion - that I didn't have more then 100K till I was level 63. So, before you think you're poor - think about broke ol' me, some years back).

Slayer can guide you to a modest profit as soon as you obtain membership. Next, mining pure essencse (requiring 30 Mining) isn't too shabby, probably makes about 1.5x creating soft clay. That is purely why I propose PK'ing, from the way - after you're hitting ~100 CB, you want more and more cash that's actually awkward since you don't have the stats to go bossing nicely (murdering the high level creatures for HUGE gain ), but still need a HECK load of cash for equipment.

Incidentally, just thought I want to say - the piece of rule of thumb for 110+ CB PK'ing (and I understand you're enjoy CB 14, but, hopefully it's possible to return on this post... Who am I kidding.

Check out for more details.
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