That's the way you get xp and that's the way you train
That's the way you get xp and that's the way you train Jan 28

That's the way you get xp and that's the way you train

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Summoning is trained by making summoning pouches. Pouches are utilized to summon familiars. You could also convert components to scrolls (to the particular attack) to acquire extra xp, even though this isn't always such a good idea. To earn a pouch, you have to be at one of the 4 main obelisks. Realistically, there are just two mega-obelisks it's possible to utilize, the one in Taverly, under Pikkupstix's house, and the one in Piscatoris. Taverly are the one that you use most initially. As Soon as You are there, you need 4 things:

An empty pouch. Spirit shards: the amount chnages for every familiar. Again, buy from pikkupstix. A charm: there are 4 types, distinct pouches need different types. A tertiary: this is a random item assigned to every pouch. For example a spirit terrorbird demands raw bird meat. Get all these items and click the obelisk. It's possible to make components there. That's the way you get xp and that's the way you train, running back and forth to a lender making pouches.

It's useful in situations where you might need many tools, and also the need for stock space underscores the need for"high level" tools that are individual. Two examples that spring to mind are Hunting and the Abyss. In case you require a hatchet to help set your snare, like for pitfalls. And you can also use it as a tinderbox so you can cook the meat that you get while waiting for your traps to trap.

Cooking the meat is a waste of time, you are better off alching or something in case you have to wait. Cooking the meat could be somewhat useful as you will be idly getting cooking experience while awaiting your traps. You have the option to alch also. It is personal preference on which one you'd do, but in case you opt to cook, then the Dwarven Army Axe can come in handy.

I really don't see what kind of argument you're trying to present with your line on pitfall searching. One has an assortment of choices when it comes to training Hunter, and pitfall searching is one of the choices. It'd be quite naive to assume that nobody at all uses pitfall hunting. I was only saying one example in which the Dwarven Army Axe could be used. I concur that there are other training options that might be more efficient, however, the Dwarven Army Axe will help.

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