About Skilling supervisors as a 11, how does the team feel
About Skilling supervisors as a 11, how does the team feel Aug 13

About Skilling supervisors as a 11, how does the team feel

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Two questions as someone whose favourite components of RuneScape are quests (just got my cape back new pursuit was fantastic ) and Skilling. Have you considered adding a few mid and smaller tier quests which are for RS humor or construction. It feels like most quests because I started playing with (mobile launch) often have big expansions toed to them opening many parts of content, which I am sure requires a lot more time then fleshing out some exploration lines where matters could be reused.

Not saying I'm not down to the longest toughest grandmaster quest about the penguins. How does the staff feel about Skilling managers and therefore are there considerations in adding more? I like Wintertodt and Zolcano both a great deal. I think a boss who included some pvm and both Skilling would be wonderful to assist join the neighborhood a little. Something were skillers for the pvmers would be totally killer can build/craft equipment/supplies.

Side question for your area: I took a break soon after SOTE only got around 20 Zalcanos back then I am under the belief loot but why's she so low to xp gains? I think that the todt profits are a little excessive (though you can get super high prices already) however Zalcano now gives fine loot and garbage xp. I tend to make on average 700k (approximately 200 kills so not crazy time spent but have got a zalcano shard an onyx) with some decent mvps an hour or so so I find a good space that isnt people screaming full or calling me an asshole at spanish.

It seems like it'd work out better doing other activities to make xp and money. Therefore Zalcano is likely my very best money maker, to be fair though I suck at PVM and get smacked by Zulruh. Edited a lot of bad made some corrections and clarifications. The gauntlet a little've attempted, having some issues with the boss but I feel as if it's a needing. Havent tried because the adjustments.

Find a Zulruh kill for E void and I'm needing to grind 115 battle up although I have a irl friend who's willing to educate me COX. I truly enjoy items so many things in RuneScape individuals refuse if it is not meta so something similar to Zalcano that I like does suck a bit when it takes 1/2 a hour to find a decent room. One time I got a room with some UIM and they even let me know when they had been falling loot, and gave me tips and generally nice shout out into the BTWbois outside there.

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