Void Pures are usually rangers since Rune Crossbow
Void Pures are usually rangers since Rune Crossbow Jan 11

Void Pures are usually rangers since Rune Crossbow

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Mage Tank. It might seem like a bizarre idea, and many people believe it is. People who have chosen to go this path often Boost both Defence and Magic stats. They forfeit low Combat Levels to achieve increased Defence, which permits them to wear better magical armour. It's typically done on account of the high risk that comes from playing a Mage Pure. This build requires sporting top tier collections, which might lead to a substantial gold reduction in the case of defeat. Another 1 Defence Pure that specializes in Ranged combat style. Players who had selected to be a ranger frequently also level Strength and Attack skills so they'll be able to equip things such as Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul. Although those items do not fit into a ranged weaponry, they're chosen for a reason. The goal of this construct is to perform high amounts of continuous damage while surprising your enemy using a special attack of Dagger or even Maul when he's at low health. It's a trendy build used by most players because of high assault and surprise element.

Be certain not to pass particular checkpoints. For instance, if you would like to make a Pure that specializes in Ranged, be sure to maximize this stat when keeping your melee statistics low. If you want to sneak special attack of a Granite Maul inside, go for 50 in Strike and Power but nothing more than that. The more tools and special attacks that you receive, the more your Combat Level increases, so pay attention to just how much levels you go for.

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