Five Phantasy Star Online 2 hints and tricks to help you in the early-game
Five Phantasy Star Online 2 hints and tricks to help you in the early-game Aug 08

Five Phantasy Star Online 2 hints and tricks to help you in the early-game

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Phantasy Star Online 2 may not be a brand new game by any means, however, the recent PC release has witnessed swathes of battle-hardened pros and fresh-faced recruits linking in the galactic hunt. If you're new to the series or just want a quick refresher, then make certain that you check out our beginner's guide tips below. Getting to grips with Phantasy Star Online 2's numerous mechanics can be a bit intimidating at first, particularly since there's hardly any hand-holding outside the occasional tutorial display. While the main quest line and practice mode will help further your comprehension of PSO2, it is still all too easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed.

PSO2 might not be the most beginner-friendly game on the market, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding thanks to the incredibly stylish battle, profound course progression, and continuous content updates that keep PSO2 brand new. We have put together a handy tips guide you could follow below, to assist you get started on your experience. After you've created your character and completed the obligatory opening mission, you'll be sent to PSO2's main hub. It is here, at the ARK's Lobby in which you'll be able to accept quests out of the various NPCs scattered round the ship. There are two chief NPCs who are extremely important for both advancing your chosen class and obtaining invaluable insights in to PSO2's different mechanics.

These quests are going to teach you how to equip switch between Weapon Palettes, Photon Arts, change components, as well as provide details about how you can trigger combat effects such as PSE Bursts. It is all things and completing these quests will net you a decent chunk of expertise. Cofy is another NPC who will also prove invaluable to your early-game and progressional needs that are late-game. Officer Cofy permits you to accept narrative missions, join urgent quests, select expeditions, and look for other fellow ARKS to join out to the bustling battlefields. However, it's the Client Orders of Cofy that you'll want to pay attention to.

Only go up to her whenever Cofy includes a tick beside her name and exhaust her dialog. She'll invariably need to discuss something important with you when you reach a certain level. For example, when you rank up to par five, Cofy will provide you your MAG Permit, while attaining level 20 will reward you. Among the greatest things about PSO2 is that the ability to switch between classes. While most ARPGs and MMOs only permit you to build your character's skills around one specific class, PSO2 provides players the choice to use every archetype with just one character.

So, if you're growing tired of the melee mashing strikes of the Hunter and wish to exchange your sword for the Braver's bow, then simply head over to the Class Counter from the ARKS Lobby to switch things up. Your prior class degree will also be kept, so there really is no excuse to not try out all the different archetypes and their subclass mixes. Just bear in mind that some of your weapons, units, and present MAG will be incompatible with your new course. This might appear rather annoying at first, but you'll obviously get access to lots of new loot once you start levelling up.

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