They've gotta put their money where
They've gotta put their money where Jan 07

They've gotta put their money where

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For some reason, after I have exported my roster and group data in the app to the madden exporter site, and then download the csv files, once I go to upgrade the players and teams supply in the dictionary, the ability to select my team in the My Team tab has disappeared. It worked flawlessly the first time I used it! A year later and for some reason, when I went to upgrade my menu using the most recent roster info and team info, that fall down menu to pick my group has vanished. I've ensured that I'm linking the source to the right CSV file, I've redownloaded the Franchise Management recorder and tried that as well, but still nothing works to fix that matter. All the players have loaded successfully and the staff records are all updated and right as well. Any thoughts? I believe it may be an issue with my information export to madden exporter but not certain!

Can you email me your players and teams csv files? I am curious to see. Update: I just realized that the teams field goes off after the first season. This has been fixed with the latest excel file. Please re-download if you are having this matter. I don't have any idea what I am looking at but I can tell it took a great deal of time so great job OP. Is anyone else having trouble exporting from the companion program? I get"export failed" each time because the"network link was lost" I've tried it with data and Wi-Fi and it hasn't worked. Hey! Madden only reveals the current year.

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