I Know The Equipment I Want Already
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I Know The Equipment I Want Already

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I am f2p atm, but I am already planning what I'll do once I catch p2p, and also my two for-fun things (to chill) will soon be castle wars and metal dragons. Castle wars cuz I really need a halo. Metals just since I still stand a chance of getting a visage. So, I understand the gear I need already, and how to avoid getting damage. Options I'm considering: Fire bolts (less fun or fast). Fire wave (fast, not enjoyable ). Claws of Guthix + charge (such as lolz, fun, quick, expensive)

Claws of Guthix + array (claws enhances defense and does a good bit of harm, range with broads finishes; let us me practice some 3 item switching with fkey casting). Hi. I'm thinking of maybe doing barrows for gain (when I get my membership). I have read up on the topic, but I want some suggestions. Be OK stats shrewd? I would use magic shortbow, slayer dart and probably a dragon or whip long. (I might attempt to get a saradomin Godsword lend, but...) Also for inventory, Red/Black D'hide chaps and body. Spade, two weapon slots (i.e., if I am ranging, it could be a whip and slayer staff) Slayer dart runes. Sharks for the remainder of my inventory. Do I require a super set? Anything else? Can I bring mage equipment? Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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