They Don'T Drop Anythign Mostly
They Don'T Drop Anythign Mostly Dec 20

They Don'T Drop Anythign Mostly

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Hey, I have sone questions about the fishing ability. At this time I've 65 in fishing and that I 'am fishing lobster. Do you understand at what ability level we begin gaining more money by catching swordies compared to cabbage? Many people say that I should get my mining into 85+ for runite ore since it provides over 500k/h:rolleyes: and a few let me sitck with fishing since I already have 65 in it, however aready I dont profit much money by lobbies.

Can it worth more spending time on mining(Due to the summer and I will have alot of time) or keep with fishing skill? For me I dont make over 40k-80k an hour by lobbies and for me thats not enough and too long for the time I spend on itif I had access to this fishing guilde I would probably remain wiht that, however iam f2p, therefore I think ima go with mining.

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