Tell Me What To Wear And How Much Time
Tell Me What To Wear And How Much Time Dec 15

Tell Me What To Wear And How Much Time

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If you want to have armor that you'll use possibly forever, go sped a few days at barbarian assault and get fighter chest. It might not seem like it's worth it but I have kept my torso for 3 years now. It's the something which I keep when I lose membership, and that I don't think I will ever buy a bandos plate. And it seems sweet. It's also advisable to receive a berzerker helm when you reach 45 defense. It is going to likely take you about a week to reach 60 with this.

Okay so... somebody asked this exact same question but try it this way. First: Pike (80 xp ea). So once you have complete inventoy of pike sell it to the general store. And then salmon and trout (salmon 90 xp ea, trout 70ea) Thus, whenever you have full inventory of salmon and salmon go to edgeville bank and bank your own fish. Some of you may think:"in every guide people state that fly fishing salmon and mackerel is the best way (in f2p), and you say pike is the best way!!" So like I stated salmon provides 90xp ea and trout 70 but pike gives 80 xp all the time, and typically you more frequently grab trout so thats less than 80xp all the time. 2. General store is nearer than edgeville bank. 3. At edgeville, theres almoust always a person fishing, at Lumbridge theres no 1 fishing. (someone should test it)

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