I really don't think 2K is finished with the next gen game
I really don't think 2K is finished with the next gen game Jul 30

I really don't think 2K is finished with the next gen game

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Any words about how's gonna PC model work? I'm a PS participant, but just wondering thanks for clearing it out. PC is gonna be present gen till November. Personally, I really don't think 2K is finished with the next gen game, that is why PC won't be getting it till November. Yes if you purchase it for your old gen, it will upgrade you for free when the new consoles come out later on in the year.

I really really enjoy the system. You can be. The stats are lower than 2K19 but I discover that this year 85 shooting is equivalent to 95 shooting from prior years if you use the ideal jumpshot. Also you simply require a 70 dip to have the ability to dunk on players which is lower than normal because in previous years anything less than an 85 has been tricky to trigger the animation (particularly with a brief player). So overall the decreased stats are equal to the higher stats of 2K19, from my experience. Also the system is really great this season.

For three years directly from 2K15-17 you can make a"99 overall demigod", there was a construct in each game that could truly do it all. There was screen cheese and not as zig zag in any of these games and were a few of the very games. And funnily enough these were the best three games of the franchise according to the community's majority. Proof is there, you can check user scores on metacritic for all of the 2K's. My theory is If you give everyone on the court the exact same skill set and skills, then the winner are the squad who is able to use these abilities to a higher level?

I never understood how people could purchase not and every year grind except to be burnt out. The problem is when NBA 2K was fun to play, it'd not really feel like a grind at the first place since I would want to play with NBA 2K. A mill is really a grind. I have fun when I play it's when the fun stops you just got to uninstall and skip a year or two, why I play with lol. I get what you are saying. But if I look back on NBA 2K16 which was in my opinion the 2K game.

I had 4 and set in over 4,000 matches of park builds total, each with the badges. Because of how simple it was to really get badges and vc, but not for one second do I ever feel that it was a mill for me or the slightest bit dull it was. I remember playing with 3's or two together with my buddies. I feel just like you only obtain a"grindy" feeling when you have a particular purpose in mind like such as wanting to get to legend. It will come if you just kinda play and sit back. But thats just my take.

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