Plus A Saradomin Sword (If You Can Afford)
Plus A Saradomin Sword (If You Can Afford) Dec 02

Plus A Saradomin Sword (If You Can Afford)

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As I mentioned before, is there some other things I should get? Will these supplies be sufficient for a 1 month membership?

I think my stats and levels are still pretty good, they are in my sig. Stats that aren't listed are: Smithing - 36, Range - 35, Mining - 48, Crafting - 19. I understand I have some improving to do with those stats (just started crafting) I am attempting to get 30 craft, 50 mining, 40 smithing and range before I flip p2p. Also I have done all of the F2P quests and also have about 2mil things (items & gp) values in bank. Any other hints or things that I need to know would be helpful. Thanks.

Okay so I had been contemplating getting 63 crafting to create green d'hide bodies. 1k Thread = 3k. If I'm not stupid and I added that this right, I would make roughly 2.8M gain right? I had been thinking of doing so to earn money. Good idea or not? Otherwise, can you describe why? Thanks. I wanna make sure I didn't add wrong, and that this'll actually work.

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