You'Ll Be Safe In Low Sec For Traveling
You'Ll Be Safe In Low Sec For Traveling Nov 30

You'Ll Be Safe In Low Sec For Traveling

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I'm a casual carebare and still don't understand the mechanics of how this will work out but I just lost my caracal whilst performing an anomaly in nulsec by two players. Theres plenty of risk.I believe all people are asking is for traveling to be an activity where people aren't staring at their phones for 40 minutes. Getting there when it takes so long on mobile and having the ability to be attacked is stupid.

I've written a post talking an alternative, it's on the subreddit should you would like more details. In a nutshell, create an option where ships can travel freely, without risk around the cluster but punish this danger free option with longer travel times. So, you won't need to stare at your telephone for 40 minutes but it might require 80 or 160 minutes to perform the same trip instead.

I'd actually be fine with this tbh. Longer risk-free when I am at work or irregular connection, briefer risky when I am at home on bluestacks and able to have it on a side track and pay extra attention. Wouldn't be a bad compromise.

Check out www.EVE for more details.
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