I am new here my name on runescape
I am new here my name on runescape Nov 29

I am new here my name on runescape

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Then sharks to 99. Making around 50M, This Im Pretty sure of. This should take me to sometime in november if I do it correctly. Then The Extended 2 months doing prayer. Pretty simple. Drag bones on guilded altar. Audio Do-able To You Guys? If It's, Im Going To Make a Log for this tomorrow for support. Please post ur opinions /perspectives /tips.

Hi, I am new here my name on runescape is 1_darkqueen and was needing a little support or advice please. I had been wondering what is the best armour for me to wear on runescape? Here are my stats and what armour I'm wearing now and maybe someone will help me please. Now my questions are...1. Do you believe I could get it done with all these stats and gear? 2. Would you change anything about my gear/inventory? 3. How many bolts should I take?

I'm becoming a part SOMETIME... hopefully... so I want a good outfit. With a budget of under 2m gp. Combat stats are: Attack: 63. Power: 65. Defense: 60. Prayer: 46. Hitpoints: 64. I had been thinking: Helm: Nezzy Rune Total Helm. Amulet: Glory. Body: Torso Rune Plate. Legs: Dragon Platelegs. Gloves: Rune Gauntlets from FOG. Cape: Obsidian Cape.

I don't want to get in a conversation about Dragon skirts being anything or cheaper. . Additionally, the things I start with will be similar to this: New thing I will acquire Old thing I understand the nezzy asks a quest.

Hello all! I've been toying with the idea to have a shot in the pursuit"Lunar Diplomacy". After realizing this gives the opportunity of great Runecrafting xp (crafting astrals) I decided I want to take action. I have the majority of the skill requirements: 5 herblore (have 9). 40 defense (have 60). 49 Firemaking (have 49). 61 Crafting (have 42). 60 Mining (have 58). As you could probably tell, the bottom three ability demand improvement. For magical I've been teleporting to Camelot. . I have been crafting bow string for crafting and I am thinking about power-mining either coal or iron. My question is: Is this the fastest way to get these levels? Also, can a level 78 do that exploration? Thank you! Well I was now training at green dragons and that I died to some berserker ghost type thing.

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