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The parties got older the first time that they were introduced '09... kinda surprised they brought them back and tried to pass them off as new. This is going to be the first year since it came out that I won't be purchasing it. Every year it is the same thing"it has got to be much better" but it never is. I know I'll miss that, especially playing online, but hopefully if enough people do this they will have to change. I kind of do expect next gen Madden is built from scratch now. I don't think they are able to do anymore using the programming they've flopped on in Madden now. The base appears to be the issue (out of simply complete incompetence from execs focusing on non-sim football). Now, I am eager to take a bare bones M21 on next gen if they could actually build up to appropriate gameplay and of course make franchise exactly what it should be. I'm not buying Madden this year. Hell, I'm not even playing M20, I've gone back to M17. So it's not a problem for me not to purchase the game until real change happens. It is too bad you had to spend even $5 on this mess. Thank you for your review however. It is gonna be tough passing on Madden because it's one of my favorite times of the year, but that helps cement my decision to provide EA two wagging middle fingers this year.

They push MUT so hard to make money and I swear they simply get the couple people who spend stupid amount of money on it every season and somehow think it's a fantastic idea. It is so fucking sad to see exactly what this game is haha. I had some fun with The Yard last night but meh. Yo my biggest eliminate is how did they make the super bowl celebration even worse compared to last year. Phew! I'm so happy I didn't get this garbage. Can not wait for 2Ks game in 2021. Goodjob on saving your money. EA has other suckers though that are cash cows for them annually. Well explained. Only a re-texture job while they await following gen. That will also likely be dreadful. The gameplay is just the same in any noticeable manner. Elite pro athletes moving as though they're in quicksand is a strong lol.

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