I will certainly look into EVE echoes
I will certainly look into EVE echoes Nov 13

I will certainly look into EVE echoes

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Is it possible to make some type of filter here to fall from calculation ores that I do not have broad access to? For example, if I constantly mine pyroxeres, discard it in the sheet and then rely only on additional ores while calculating m3 efficiency.Ooo that's actually a fantastic idea, I can not guarantee anything but I will certainly look into that!

I would also incorporate the Eve Lowest Compare price. The market is very competitive and items usually do not sell at the Eve-Echoes-Market price. Also some items have a 3-4 hour window until they are upgraded. Considering that the market is quite volatile it makes for listing the right prices difficult without needing to open the industry page to check out the present competitive selling cost.

I'm using the average of this market and lowest sell columns because this seems to give the best overall results. The issue with just choosing the cheapest sell is that it makes it effortless for one person to attempt and steer the market by selling just one item with a very low cost. Remember that this tool is only going to give you estimates and you should verify pricing before making decisions. I will keep an eye on the costs and adjust the weights if items appear to not be working nicely.

Definitely. I used lowest sell price last couple days and it's not a fantastic indicator of total market cost. Yes it could be at the price during a couple of hours because of people selling off or competing but generally the market goes thru ups/downs due to supply/demand. Taking the average between lowest and market cost is not to great either for items which are volatile which have big swings. With ships the prices probably don't swing as much but I haven't watched the market on boats.

Either I found another bug, or I'm seriously confused: when I raise the substance efficiency I'd anticipate the amount of materials necessary to return, but they don't, they go up.I tend to agree with you but that is actually how it works in sport. It is possible to imagine it as the inverse. When you start the game unskilled you have to use 150% resources to produce a component. So it will actually cost 50% over base cost because of a lack of ability. Eventually by training up you can get below 100% so you get a discount on your base component requirements.

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