Henry played in 16 of 16 games
Henry played in 16 of 16 games Aug 06

Henry played in 16 of 16 games

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Henry played in 16 of 16 games. He was CMC's leader in rushing attempts (378), yards in rushing (2,027) and touchdowns (17), as well as touches (397) and yards from the scrimmage (2,141). No running back on the field has been dominant like Henry over the last two seasons, CMC included.

McCaffrey's best seasons featured lower yards, yards/ play, and touchdowns than Derrick Henry in 2020. Henry has the best chance to capture the 2020 most rushing championship.

Simply stated, McCaffrey is not ahead of Henry next year because there's no objective measure that can be used to determine this. Even if McCaffrey's absence is a negative.

Titans' Derrick Henry tied for the second highest RB rating in Madden NFL 22

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