I've been working in trolling fishing
I've been working in trolling fishing Aug 03

I've been working in trolling fishing

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Hi there, I've been working in trolling fishing and I thought it would be a lot of fun to attack and raid other peoples' vessels, much like in cabin fever. Here's the plan... Shipwrecker's Start Point: Port Phasmytas Talk to Captian Fishy. The fishy will inform you that he needs 20 minutes of help from a team. If you agree to help him, you are invited to take part in the mini-game. You can also talk to his captain raidy brother and play the minigame.

The minigame can be started by entering either of Captain Fishy's or Captain rady's vessels. Go towards the hull, and the captain's mate will ask whether you're ready to setoff. Then, you will be asked if are prepared to set off and the minigame will begin.

The others who choose to participate in the minigame will have a choice to make, will you be a fisher or an armed raider? Get supplies from the supplies guarder and tell him if you want to be a fisher or one who is a raider. If you say raider, you'll receive a sword, some gloves a pirate hat, pirate pants, pirate jacket, and pirate boots. If you are a fisher you get striped tunic, striped trousers and a bandana. You also get and a harpoon,(the can be used) some striped vambraces, and a pair of fishing boots.

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