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Plain: Nothing much here, except the orb. You can't set traps in this area. Mud Swamp: By using a spade from your base, and some logs you can cut using an axe that you have at your base, and using a knife from your base, you can create an invisible pitfall trap invisible to your enemies. There's a limit to the number of traps you can set, so don't plan to cover every square in traps. You could also make bunker holes with spades. This makes your presence invisible to those who have seen you. You can attack any enemy with the spring-out option.

Forest: This is where you can also make a pitfall trap, but it's important to also make use of the weeds. They can be harvested by using a rake or a shovel to reach the base of your. This area allows only one pitfall. You can also construct a mancatcher trap by using logs on a tree, if you are in possession of 55 Hunting.

Ruins: Using iron bars, and hammers from the base of your home, you can create floor spikes. You can also make use of your magical level to create a curse spot trap. There's also an altar and an obsidian in The Ruins that can be used to summon your familiars. It doesn't require an obelisk, a pouch, or that stuff for this, you just need the right level.

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