Next-Gen Stats continues into the year 2 last year
Next-Gen Stats continues into the year 2 last year Jul 16

Next-Gen Stats continues into the year 2 last year

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Next-Gen Stats continues into the year 2 last year: Madden 21's next-gen version Madden 21 introduced Next-Gen Stats -- an ambitious plan to make use of real-world data collected from sensors in the field to give stars with custom animations and other improvements. Madden 22 will bring many enhancements to Next Generation Stats. It will include information on passing aggression, ballcarriers breaking tackles, and team strategies. These enhancements are over and above other features in the game like sideline detection as well as tackling mechanics.

Updates will be coming to the Xbox One and PS4 versions. While EA has clearly changed their focus towards the Xbox Series X and PS5 older consoles, the previous generation will be supported for an additional year. Graddy confirmed that all modes would be the same across all platforms. Face of the Franchise will be identical between Gen 4 & Gen 5. Ultimate Team will also be very similar. The Yard and Superstar KO, which we didn't talk about a lot, those that are going to be pretty similar," Graddy said. "With franchises, staff management will be on hand, game planning will be present, but some of the other elements of a gameday that revolve around atmosphere, and of course the Next-Gen stats gameplay, that is available only on Gen 5 it won't be present. However, I believe that Gen 4 will be satisfied with the vast majority of games they get.

Overall, Madden 22 is a exciting update that includes many interesting improvements to the PS5 version as well as the Xbox Series X EA's execution is crucial, as it has been a problem of late. A bit of polish would do wonders for the series as it forges ahead on next-gen consoles. When Madden 22 launches later in the year, we'll watch to check what EA learns from that experience.

Madden 22 will be released on Xbox Series X It will available via early pre-order access on August 17.

"Madden NFL" comes with exclusive features for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles

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